Decentralized credit scoring
expanding access to DeFi lending

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What is Cred Protocol?

Cred is a decentralized credit score. A financial primitive that enables web3 smart contracts to make better risk-based decisions

Who uses Cred Protocol?

DeFi lending protocols and DAOs use Cred’s scores to qualify applicants and offer capital-efficient loans

How does CRED work?

Cred scores risk by correlating on-chain account history with propensity to liquidate loans

Why Cred?

21m personal loans are issued each year.  We’re helping regular people use their good reputation to amplify access to financial resources, whether expanding a business or buying a house

DeFi loans are overcollateralized up to 800%, making them unusable by regular people. By quantifying borrowing risks we’re enabling access to loans that make a difference

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Cred Protocol is a proud recipient of an Aave grant and member of Alliance

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