Decentralized credit scoring
expanding access to DeFi lending

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What is Cred Protocol?

Cred is a decentralized credit score. A financial primitive that enables web3 smart contracts to make better risk-based decisions

Who uses Cred Protocol?

DeFi lending protocols and DAOs use Cred’s scores to offer capital-efficient loans and qualify membership

How does CRED work?

Cred scores risk by correlating propensity for loan liquidation with on-chain wallet history

Why Cred?

21m personal loans are issued each year.  We’re helping regular people use their good reputation to amplify access to financial resources, whether expanding a business or buying a house

DeFi loans are overcollateralized up to 800%, making them unusable by regular people. By quantifying borrowing risks we’re enabling access to loans that make a difference

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Cred Protocol is a proud recipient of an Aave grant and member of Alliance

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